Cookie Decorating Simplified

Cookie Projects: Ghost

Get your ghost cookie cutter and bake cookies using one of our recipes or your own. For every two dozen ghost cookies, make a batch of frosting using one of our frosting recipes.

Color 2/3 of the frosting white using Bright White coloring. Remove 2 T. of remaining frosting and color it red. Divide remainder of frosting in half. Color one half black and the other half purple.

Prepare 3 disposable bags using tips #2, #3, and #4. Fill the #2 tip bag with black frosting. Fill the #3 tip bag with red frosting, and fill the #4 tip bag with purple frosting. Close all bags securely with rubber bands.

Turn all white frosting into glaze by adding water, a few drops at a time, until it is a thin consistency. A drop of the icing should disappear into the mass on the count of 6 or 7. It will be similar in consistency to school glue: fairly runny, but not so thin that it's hard to control.

Glaze ghost cookies white. Allow to dry for several hours.

To make the eyes, use black frosting to pipe two elongated dots in the center of the head. Then make two circles for cheeks.

To form the mouth, connect cheeks with a deeply curved line. Fill in the cheeks with red frosting.

Outline the ghost with black frosting, making sure to define the hands and thumbs.

Create a banner. Draw a curved line from thumb to thumb on the ghost. Pipe a second line about 1/4 inch below the first line.

Continuing with black frosting, add "stitching" to the bottom half of the ghost. Pipe a broken line along the edges from arm to arm.

Fill in the banner with purple frosting. Use your accent tweezers to place alternating ghost and pumpkin edible accents on the banner.

Write the word "BOO!" under and attached to the banner. To gauge your spacing, pipe the "B" on the left side, and the "!" on the right; then add the two "O"s evenly spaced between the "B" and "!".

Pictured above are just a few more designs you can create with this particular ghost cookie cutter. Get creative and see what other spooktacular ghost cookies you can come up with.

Good luck and have fun!