Cookie Decorating Simplified

Decorating Techniques: Edible Accents

I love edible accents on cookies! It is so easy and they make your cookie designs really cute. There are accents available for just about any occasion, and the possibilities are endless. There is really only one rule to remember when using accents. When applying the accents to your cookie, you will need to use frosting as the "glue" to hold it on. Always use the same color frosting as the background color on which you're putting the accents. For example, if you're putting yellow chicks on a pink background, use pink frosting as the glue. That way, when you get a little extra frosting oozing out behind the accents (which almost always happens), you won't see it very well because it will blend in with the background. If you use yellow, on the other hand, the excess ooze could distort the shape of your chicks. Similarly, if you use white or any other color, the "glue" would look sloppy and out of place.

Using same color as accent

Using color different from accent and background

Using background color

A very handy tool to use with the accents is the Accent Tweezers. Although it is possible to position the accents with your fingers, I think you'll find the tweezers make it so much easier. Those little accents are tiny and hard to manage, (at least with my clumsy fingers!), but the tweezers make it very easy to put them precisely where you want them. What a fun way to add character to your cookies!